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Styracosaure – Sideshow dinosauria
23 janvier, 2010, 16:40
Classé dans : Maquette et kits résine

Nouvel arrivant dans la collection Dinosauria de Sideshow, le styracosaure, ou styracosaurus pour les amoureux de langue morte.


Encore une fois le travail des sculpteurs et peintres est magnifique, on touche à la perfection même si plus de nuances sur le socle ou sur la colerette auraient été bienvenues.

Son histoire, ci-après pour les anglophones, raconte comment ce senior expérimenté protège la périphérie du troupeau de ses frères cératopsiens :

After losing his last rut, he has been relegated to protect the periphery of the herd. Still a useful position but also dangerous. The more skillful bucks in the center of the herd always get the first pick of the females. For now he will do the best he can and prove his worth. His horns and head are thick with keratin, a sign of virility. During the rut, he can flush blood to his frill and horns to create a magnificent display. Perhaps this year he was too eager to show off his colors and forgot to work on the skills that turn battling male styracosaurs into clattering warriors as they lock horns. Instead of mating with his favorite female, he now patrols far from the herd to issue low warnings that only his species can perceive.




Now the eggs are hatching, and rather than sit back and sulk, he will prove his worth in this most crucial of times. Already he has mortally wounded a young tyrannosaur and intercepted a big varanid lizard. But he fears today is different. The chirping of the hatchlings has brought the clever Troodontids to gather in a pack in the sea of cattails before him. Their keen intelligence is daunting to a simple creature such as himself, and its good to have a keen sense of smell in times like these.


styra03web.jpg  styra01web.jpg


He lifts his head high, shaking his massive rack of horns and lurches forward at the oncoming rush of raptors. One group attempts to confuse him while the other slips by! With one massive sweep of his head, he sends two of the raptors high in the air. They land on the group passing by his flank, shattering delicate limbs. A quick stomping on their tangled torsos makes quick work of them. Without missing a beat, he turns towards the others and lurches forward in a mock attack. They disappear into the swamp like a blur, leaving nothing but feathers behind. He surveys the scene, fills his lungs with air and gives a low rumble. The females hear. Their children are once again safe.




Prochain rendez-vous ans les dinosaures solitaires : le spinosaure (paraît-il). On attend toujours des nouvelles du stégosaure, pourtant arrivé grand vainqueur du sondage organisé sur le site de Sideshow l’année dernière !


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  1. pitouwh

    T’es chié quand même, t’aurais pu traduire le texte… Je vous jure, où va parfois se loger la flemme… ;-)

    Dernière publication sur The Geek Show : Critique ciné : Dans la brume

  2. mabataille

    De la part d’un bilingue j’vous jure… aller fais un petit effort de trnslation dans ta tête Pitou !

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